Sudan: A Nation in Transition

15 images Created 13 Mar 2021

Nearly two years after a revolution gave way to the end of Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year authoritarian presidential rule, the new government inherited a bankrupt state, burdened by the consequences of international sanctions. Although assisted by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the country remains mired in the economic crisis.

The images show life in Khartoum as the country works its way back to be a part of the international community once again. While rolling blackouts can easily interrupt a family dinner, and long bread and fuel lines in soaring temperatures continue to demoralize the citizenry, the people still yet put their faith in the fact that their best days are just around the corner. This is evident with new cultural institutions and the social-political engagement with a younger generation, which bloomed at the time of the revolution.

While these images were being made, the United States announced that it would remove Sudan from a list of state sponsors of terrorism. Countries that remain on the list are Iran, North Korea, and Syria.
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